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Our law office understands that when people hire an attorney, they are often experiencing very stressful situations. These people need someone who cares about them. The Law Office of Sonya Heath makes sure our clients not only receive high-quality legal services, but also the support and resources they deserve.

For many years, The Law Office of Sonya Heath has provided expert legal assistance in Houston.


Overview: What our legal practice offers

  • 30+ years of experience in various fields of law
  • Expert advice and representation 
  • Return phone calls within one business day
  • Provide honest assessments of cases, whether good or bad
  • Perform all work with the highest level of care and attention to detail


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"Choosing the right representation in my Divorce was the single most important decision in my life and the life of my children. I am a father of two. At the time, my son was 4 and my daughter was 6. Going into the Divorce I was emotional, I was confused, and I was afraid. I heard horror stories from friends, colleagues, and family. I knew the courts were swayed in terms of guardianship and asset award. I also knew I was a strong parent. I was connected to my kids. Their best interest was paramount. I found Sonya Heath through a recommendation from a friend. What I found really quickly was Sonya was smart, direct, and had compassion for my position. Her and her team were able to help me set expectations and develop a plan to meet those expectations. Through the process she was able to guide me. The long battle was emotionally draining, I would offten fall towards the deep end but her team was there to reel me back in. She helped me stick to the strategy and in the end I was awarded custody of my children. When I first met Sonya, I had no idea how important the decision to go with her would be." - Jose C. 

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